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Other Businesses

If you are a business related to animal care in and around the Oxted area, then you may think we could be in competition. I prefer to believe that there is enough work for everyone out there and that we could help each other, rather than become rivals. If our work complements each other, for example you are an animal behaviourist, dog groomer or similar, then I would be happy to pass your information on to my clients who may be looking for such services. Even if you are offering similar services to Chocolate Tortoise, I would still like to find some other dog walkers or pet sitters in my area who I trust and whose details I could pass on to clients when I am unable to meet their needs.

I am relatively new to this business and would love to learn from those with more experience. I would also love to pass on my experience and experiences to like-minded people.

In my ideal world, I would like to have a network of local pet service suppliers that help each other. I can even envisage a service whereby I could ask other dog walking / pet sitting services to cover for me in the event that I am unable to meet my regular client needs – charging my rates (be they more or less than theirs), offering the same level of service and being safe in the knowledge that they wouldn’t try to ‘poach’ the client from me. And, of course, vice versa. Even if this ideal world is unfeasible, just having a forum to discuss issues, ask questions, and maybe recommend each other could be useful. I would be happy to set something up – either electronically, socially or both, if I get enough interest.

If you are of the same mind, please get in touch. If not, then I still wish you luck with your business.